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tubestories's Journal

what I saw on the way home...
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Hey, welcome to Tube Stories, or What I Saw On The Train Today...

This is basically a Community where Londoners can share things they have witnessed while commuting on the glory that is the Underground! Spy on your fellow travellers! Eavesdrop on conversations! If you're that subtle, take cameraphone pictures! Adopt a mouse!

Your Moderators are not_waving and nicobobinus. Please give them coffee.

There aren't really any rules, just keep it relevant. Please don't advertise other communities on here unless they're related to London, don't slag people off in comments, and DO NOT POST THINGS ABOUT BUSES! We dislike buses...

New members: an application isn't required, but a little blurb would be nice; just about you, what you do and where you're from. Get a kind of community style vibe. Without the free love.

Have a nice day, and Mind The Gap XD