E.P (roadwork_ahead) wrote in tubestories,

Big Girls Don't Cry

So I was on the Tube last night at about 9.20pm on my way to Manor House on the Piccadilly Line when I witnessed a tantrum to end all tantrums; I've never, in all my day's seen anything like it!

I was sitting on the Tube minding my own business as usual, lost in my copy of the 'London Paper' when a mother and her 4 year old daughter boarded the train at Piccadilly Circus and that's when it began.

Upon the train pulling into the station an overtired, grubby and fowl mooded child was literally dragged by one arm, kicking and screaming onto the train by her casual and relaxed mother. After finding a spare seat and sitting down, this petulant child threw herself onto the carriage floor writhing, kicking and screaming in that high pitched fashion that only a child skilled at throwing extreme tantrums can as her mother sat there and laughed to everyone's surprise.

I swear this child was demonic, grabbing at passengers ankles, thrashing about like someone had thrown a full bottle of holly water over her... and the screaming, oh god the screaming; at least half of the packed Tube carriage had their hands over their ears for fear of sustaining a permanent injury, it was actually that severe. Granted her undeterred mother did try and pick her up off of the floor on a few occasions, the child turning to putty in her hands and slinking through her fingers determined to get some sort of reaction from her mother and everyone looking on.

I think it occurred to a few of the smarter passengers to jump off and change carriage a few minutes into the perpetual journey of doom, it did actually occur to me to follow these smart few into the ajoining carriage however, by the time I put my coat back on over my 'slingged up' arm, put my paper away, threw my bag over my shoulder... well, it just seemed like too much hassle - that and the fact that the little fucker's hand was firmly grasped around my ankle.

It eventually all came to and end when her mother picked her up and dragged her off the train at Kings Cross St Pancras screaming and bellowing as she went and as the doors closed behind her, the Tube started making it's way down the tracks and her screams faded off into the distance the packed Tube carriage burst into fits of laughter, thankful and relieved that she didn't belong to any of us.

So a note to mothers on the Tube, in future PLEASE control your children or leave them at home with a baby-sitter who will!
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