Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in tubestories,
Kipling's Cat

London's Dumbest Criminals.

Ok , someone started a rumour that Christmas was only 2 moths away, so the next thing you know is that Central London is heaving with shoppers - esp. Minto Central station where I work.

We also have England v. Estonia on up at Wembley - 3 pm kickoff. Big police presence in the booking hall, and revenue guys out in force too. the revenue guys know when there is likely to be good pickings , and a high stop rate means they can justify keeping their jobs next time there is talk of cutbacks..

You would think that this would mean that the criminal element would look at the gates and decide that , today, they would go and behave. But you don't know these dumbass criminals like we do. even so, even I was suprised at one guy who got pulled.

he is bumping the gate with his mate, and gets stopped. No ticket. gives revenue a false name, but Cops wander over, and yeah, they know this guy! Surprising, innit? so , how come you are traveling without paying , they ask. next thing is, they have him searched - turn out his poxckets and stuff and he is hauling 5 kilos of Class A drugs!

yeah, really. Now, if i was going to be chugging about with that on me , i think i would keep a low profile and not draw any attention to myself. Not this guy! Now I know how crap TV programmes and really stupid newspapers make sales. someone must be paying to see this stuff - when they are not dodging fares on drug delivery runs!
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